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The Finance Department is responsible for the financial operations of the District including financial reports, payroll, benefits, accounts payable, asset management and cost accounting.

Meet the Finance Staff

Corey Wheeler, Director (863)462-5000, ext 296

Angie Hodges, Assistant Director (863)462-5000, ext 227

Angie Hodges

Brenda Arnold, Lead Payroll/Benefits (863) 462-5000, ext 234

Brenda Arnold

Beverly Bernst, Payroll/Benefits, (863)462-5000, ext 270

Beverly Bernst

Linda Holmes, Payroll/Benefits (863) 462-5000, ext 231

Linda Holmes

Traci Wilderman, Accounts Payable (863) 462-5000, ext 233

Janis Stevens, Administrative Assistant (863) 462-5000, ext. 296

Janis Stevens