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Professional Liability Insurance

Instructional Personnel:

The Florida Legislature recognizes our state’s educators work hard each and every day to educate Florida’s students, and they should not be distracted by the fear of financial ruin in the event of a false accusation made against them while on the job.

As a result,  all full-time instructional personnel in Florida (as defined in section 1012.01(2), Florida Statutes) have $2 million of educator professional liability insurance provided to them for their peace of mind.

This insurance covers all costs up to $2 million dollars, protecting full-time instructional personnel from liability for monetary damages and costs of defense against claims made against educators in their professional capacity. Coverage is subject to standard conditions and exclusions that will be made available to the district school boards.  

The attached document serves as your insurance card. Districts are required to provide this notice to instructional personnel by September 1st.

Although we hope you never need it, there is a certain comfort in having this protection.

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