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Choosing to Begin a Home Education Program

Choosing to begin a Home Education Program

Home education is an option for a growing number of parents. Some parents prepare their own materials and design their own programs of study, while others use materials produced by companies specializing in homeschool materials. Some take advantage of virtual school programs or other educational resources available on the Internet. Of course, exercising this option may require major changes in your family schedule. Teaching your children at home is an ambitious undertaking, requiring time, planning, creativity, and commitment.

Questions to Consider about Home Education

  • Have you identified curriculum materials for your child, and how much they will cost?
  • Is there a suitable place for your child's study and instruction?
  • Do you, your spouse, or another homeschooling parent have adequate free time to be available to your homeschooling child?
  • Do other families in your area homeschool their children?
  • Is there a support group of homeschoolers near you?
  • If you are interested in some outside instructional support, have you checked your local library, parks department, scouting organizations, public and private schools, and similar resources?
  • Have you searched the Web for resources on instruction, legal issues, support groups, and other matters?
  • Have you identified other resources you will need?