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What are the advantages of teaching in Okeechobee?

1. Competitive salary and benefits

2. Small, progressive school district

3. Modern facilities

4. Few student discipline problems

5. Friendly, small town atmosphere

6. Lower cost of living

7. Mild, accommodating climate

8. Year-round recreational activities

9. Technology abounds in the classrooms

10. Located in Central Florida

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What is the beginning salary for teachers?

$37,800 (BA)

+$2,400 (Masters)

+$3,400 (Specialist)

+$4,400 (Doctorate)

To find more information about the salary schedule click here

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Does the School District of Okeechobee County pay additional salary for advanced degrees?

Payment for Advanced Degrees

Master’s Degree Add $2,400.00

Specialist Degree Add $3,400.00

Doctorate Degree Add $4,400.00

Employees shall be paid for an advanced degree on a pro-rated basis with the next regularly scheduled payroll period as follows:

- Employees hired before July 1, 2011, will be paid following submission of an official transcript verifying the degree.

- Employees hired on or after July 1, 2011, will be paid following submission of:

     - Official transcript verifying degree, and

     - Teaching certificate indicating the advanced degree is held in the individual’s area of certification 

Pay for an advanced degree for employees hired on or after July 1, 2011, will be paid as a salary supplement.

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Do you get credit for previous experience?

Experience Credit

Instructional personnel who have completed service credit equal to one day over half their work year in Okeechobee County and who have received an effective or higher rating on their final evaluation shall be eligible to be granted one(1) whole step on the salary schedule.

Provision for Teaching Experience and Vocational Teachers

An instructional employee may bring in all teaching experience including both public and private school experience, provided the private school is accredited by the respective State Department of Education or the National Regional Accrediting Association and provided that the teacher held a valid teaching certificate when the teaching experience was acquired.

Teaching experience shall include substitute experience when the experience was equal to one day more than one -half of a teacher work-year where the teacher was actually responsible for classroom instruction and other duties normally assigned to teacher. Said experience must be in one teaching assignment for a minimum of at least one (1) semester. All Accelerated Into Teaching (AIT) candidates who successfully complete the program and teach one (1) day over half the teacher work year, shall be granted one (1) year of experience credit on the salary schedule. 
Vocational-industrial teachers shall be paid according to the teacher's salary schedule, with the stipulation that all experience claimed be related to the field in which the teacher is teaching and that said experience be verified in writing as required in the State Board Regulations.
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How are teachers evaluated?

The Okeechobee County Instructional Evaluation System (OCIES) will be comprised of two components; the score on the Instructional Practice Components (IPC) and the score on the State of Florida’s value added tables of student learning growth or other student learning growth data approved by the State and specified below. Also specified below is the percentage that each will contribute to a teacher’s total evaluation score. Each teacher will receive an overall rating of Highly Effective, Effective, Needs Improvement/Developing, or Unsatisfactory based upon the total number of points accrued on the two measures.

Procedures pertaining to the evaluation process are hereby incorporated and made a part of this Agreement, and there shall be no unilateral changes. Required procedures and standards for evaluation are specified in the OCIES Procedures Manual.

The Performance Appraisal Committee will meet regularly and shall have the opportunity to make recommendations to the Association and the Board regarding any changes to the OCIES. It is understood that changes will be negotiated.

To find out more about the evaluation process and the teacher contract click here

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