P R E S S  R E L E A S E

Okeechobee County School District

May 24, 2019

Okeechobee Tops Martin, St. Lucie, and Palm Beach Schools in Third Grade Proficiency

Okeechobee County School District showed an increase in third grade English/Language Arts (ELA) scores just released on May 24th.    These scores are particularly important for third grade students to be promoted to the fourth grade.  The number of students scoring proficient (Level 3 or above) for Okeechobee County School district increased by six percent (6%) in 2019 over the scores in 2018.  This increase of six percent (6%) placed Okeechobee County Schools into the top 10 districts in the state.  Only nine other districts showed a higher percentage increase from 2018 to 2019 scores.  In 2016, forty-three percent (43%) of the students in third grade scored proficient in reading but in 2019 that percentage had increased to 59%.  This improvement in student scores is directly related to the hard work of the dedicated staff at the schools and the support of the parents.  The students have worked hard to master the ELA standards and to do their very best on the Florida Standards Assessment for English/Language Arts.  The percentage of students in Okeechobee County demonstrating mastery of the English/Language Arts standards on the Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) was higher than the state average.

The surrounding counties of Martin and Palm Beach reported that 54% of their third grade students scored at or above Level 3 on the FSA.  St. Lucie and Highlands counties posted a 50% proficiency rate while Hendry reported 47% of their third grade students scored proficient on the state mandated assessment. 

At every elementary school, the percentage of students scoring proficient in English/Language Arts was above fifty percent (50%).  Central, Everglades and North Elementary Schools increased student performance in each achievement level.  The overall percentage of students scoring proficient at Central Elementary was 49% in 2018.  The proficiency rate increased by 4% points, to 53% this year.  Everglades Elementary increased their percentage of proficient students from 43% in 2018 to 57% in 2019.  Also increasing the overall percentage of student scoring proficient was North Elementary.  North Elementary third graders increased the percent of proficient students from 69% in 2018 to 77% in 2019.  Seminole Elementary had increased the proficiency rate for third graders from 42% in 2017 to 53% in 2018 and were able to maintain 53% of their students scoring proficient in 2019.  South Elementary increased the level of students scoring Level 4 by 2%.  Fifty-two percent (52%) of South Elementary third graders scored proficient (Level 3) or above (Levels 4 and 5).   

Third grade students who did not meet the requirement for promotion to 4th grade and who did not meet one of the “good cause” promotion criteria will be offered Summer Camp to focus on reading skills.  An assessment will be provided at the end of Summer Camp.  If a proficient score is earned on that assessment, the student will then be promoted to the 4th grade.